From snorkeling, kayaking to networking with entrepreneurs of a different world. This was the first of many trips that gave me a purpose to explore new places, get comfortable outside of the comfort zone and create a lifestyle that I actually get to travel and live. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico is a place that is safe, has great night life and of course the ocean so blue, the coral reef was a site to see.

I came to this location with the intent to support my mother in her journey of online marketing. What I received was an experience to listen to some amazing speakers who had made their careers in marketing and living life as entrepreneurs. I’ve always had the mentality to do more and be successful for myself and this was the begining of a new path for me.

Not only did I not stay on a resort but I explored the Mexico portion of the city. I made friends with new souls who continue to inspire me today and we even were able to do Acro yoga on a private boat when our deep sea fishing experience involved little fishing.