Bali, Indonesia is the place of beautiful beaches, friendly people and exquisite nature. This is also the place where I’ve traveled completely alone for the first time internationally. I’ve hopped on planes by myself before since I was in the 7th grade but I’ve also gone to places where I would meet people. This time has been different and absolutely amazing. When you travel by yourself you experience something different inside. I have to admit, I was terrified at first, I’m a 5 ft 1′ girl in an unfamiliar place, of course that is intimidating, especially when the media tells you everyday how “scary” the real world is.

My travels have consisted meeting lovely strangers, creating rafting adventures, headstandinding on elephants and of course so much time on a beach and working online in Starbucks.

I’ve spent a little over a month’s time in this beautiful place and what I’ve learned has probably been the most rewarding for me in all my travels. I’ll create a blog post of things to do while in Bali so you can enjoy the full experience with me.