How to Achieve a Million-Dollar Business Mindset

How to Achieve a Million-Dollar Business Mindset

What is a Business Mindset and How do I Achieve One?

I can’t promise that this article will allow you to become the next investing mogul of our century but I can sum up some of the key habits you’ll need in order to achieve a proper business-mindset and make decisions that will lead to positive impacts on your life.

1. Establish Who You Are: Find YOUR passions, hobbies and go-to methods to keep you going. What is it that you like? Warren’s biggest advice that he gives in almost all his interviews is to find what you love. He has loved investing since he was about 8 years old and that’s what he has been doing for all his life. So what is it that makes your soul happy? Can you create your hobbies into a career and does it better our community? When your’e stressed out, what are some of the things you do to lessen your stress and improve your productivity? ** If you find your go-to methods are unhealthy, change them now. The older you get, the more stubborn you get.

2. Create a worth ethic. Notice, the work never stops after schooling. In all aspect of life, you will continue to put work into everything you do. The more productive work you create, the less labor intensive  or less busy work you will have to do. It’s a work ethic that will get you far. The characters building activities that you need to do will make you successful in life.

3. Become a Goal-Setter. For short-term goals and long term goals. What does that even mean? Well what do you want in life. Are you trying to become a millionaire? Then actually calculate out the numbers you need to get there. Will your short term goal be to make 100k a month? If you really want to make 1.2 million this year, that’s the goal. Always break down your BIG goals to see what you need to do every day to achieve them.

4. Stay a dreamer, but be realistic. Too many self help books will not allow you to progress yet put you in a mindset that everything in life is peachy and happens for a reason. You create what happens in your life, people may enter and exit your life for a reason but you allow things to impact you or not. Your dreams are great, they can be innovative but this again goes to short term goals. Realistic dreams doesn’t mean enslave yourself to something you hate to make money and build your resume. We all need money to survive so be realistic if you have none and what you’re spending on.

5. Always remember to budget, if you haven’t started before. Start now. Start saving your money. Plan for retirement. Plan to have four sources of income at minimum. I’m not saying go out and get four jobs, I’m saying figure out how you can allow the money you’re making work for you. Warren tip: Live below your means and if you want to live luxuriously, make enough so that is still below your means. Warren has been living in his same Nebraska house for years. Take the money you have extra, even if it is 5 dollars and start investing, the smart way. Stay away from a broker and look into index funds.

6. Network with people, no, networking does not mean smoozing. Some people say “I’m so bad at networking or I don’t like to smooze” well newsflash on both, networking simply means finding connections you achieve life flash pass access. Networking with people can allow you to get a mentor to achieve the goals you want. Every successful person has a mentor.  Its mutually beneficial. Smoozing is not networking, being a kiss ass is not networking. You can be a flattering person but there is no need to grovel at another persons feet because you think the connection would be good for you. Most likely if somebody makes you beg for their attention, that isn’t a connection you would want to keep anyways.

7. TAKE CARE OF YOUR HEALTH, both mentally and physically
Lay off the alcohol, you’ve had those days that you could day drink and it’s socially acceptable, you’ll still have those days but realize the impacts that’s going to make on you when you’re alone and with new people. Also realize that if you say you’re broke all the time and yet you go out and drink on the weekeneds spending at least $50 dollars on drinks alone, well you’re not really broke. Take that money and invest it. Physical health means work out at least 30 minutes a day. Keep your heart healthy, all the money in the world will not buy you a new life.

8. Balance your priorities. The balance of work and family is never really equal in time for either. Its mostly intertwined lifestyles. Remember YOU put in the effort for relationships, and for your career goals.

Best way for good business. Do all things with the intention to better the world we live in. The impact you decide to do with your life is much bigger than one life.

**Do you already have a business and see it struggling? Have you considered taking sometime to invest in a course that will allow you to take your business to the next level? Join this program and watch how your life excels. The best investment, is investing in yourself with things that help you improve. (nope, investing in chocolates and desserts and fancy things to “treat yoself” when you have no money is no way improvement.) This means figuring out if your business model is actually the right business model for you.
Business Strategy

How to Actually Make Money Online

How to Actually Make Money Online

Hello World,

So you’re coming with the times and are interested in making money online? With our technology era, it is easier and easier to use technology for our lifestyle advantages. I’ve been traveling for the past year with the most recent location being Bali, Indonesia for a month and along the way I’ve been earning income online.

I wanted to share with you some of the ways you can ACTUALLY make money online. There are so many “get rich quick” schemers in this world that some companies will tell you that you can make big money without having to do any work. News flash, those are the untrustworthy sources. Nothing in this world is free or requires no work. So if you’re looking to make money online without having to do anything, I’m sorry this is not the article for you. If you’re sincerely looking to make passive income or replace your salary, here are some options.

Freelance Work
This requires the traditional trading time for money
Options include: web designing, content writing, graphics design, etc
If those are skills you have already and enjoy doing it, find some websites online that will allow you to post your skills and allow others to find you. You can also create a travel blog and send traffic to your site, and get paid for having advertisement on your site.

This option allows you to record videos and share them with the world. You can make ‘How to’’ videos, travel videography or just get down right creative. Youtube pays you with a paid per views option, and additional you can monetize with advertisements on your videos

You’re an expert at something, create a course on it. I made an “Everything You Need to Know about Nutrition” course. Here is the link.UDEMY Nutrition Course

Stash Invest
Okay, this one isn’t completely online but it is an app and you can refer friends to use it and get 5 dollars per person you sign up and they get 5 dollars. As of now it’s just signing up, so essentially free money. Then you invest your money and just let it make money for you. Especially if you’re a beginner investor this option is sooo wonderful for you.
Here is my link, feel free to use it or not.

Stash Invest – Free $5
You can only get up to $100 dollars on this but then you can invest that $100 dollars and watch it grow.
Similar investing apps include Robin hood, but they don’t have a referral incentive.

Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate marketing is the same concept as above, you find something you like and then refer somebody to use it. They get quality content and you get a commission so its a win-win on both ends. Be aware if you go into researching affiliate marketing, there are a lot of scammers and this is where the “get rich quick” schemes come in. Find something you actually like and believe in and then go with that. Here is a link to a 21 step program that can explain more of how you can get started in earning high ticket affiliate marketing commissions. This program does cost $49 to start and  you will learn valuable information.  – Affiliate Marketing 21 Steps

If you’re already aware of online marketing and you need to make internet funnels, I love love love Clickfunnels and they also have an affiliate aspect as well. You get a free 14 day trial. Click Funnels- Free Trial

Crypto Currency (Nano Invest)
So have you heard of Bitcoin? Maybe, it’s like using a place for money but not in a bank instead you have it encrypted in the web. It’s becoming very popular and you have some options to invest with it.
I’ve been using an investors club, if you’re interested about this please fill out this survey and I can get you started there.Survey

In Good Health,


Starting Fresh

Starting Fresh

A letter to You!

Here we go guys, this is us starting fresh. For me, I’m starting fresh with this website and my blog posts. You’re going to have a mixture of the “Living with Linda” series, where I talk about my mother and our relationship of best friends, business partners and of course being mother-daughter. You’ll also have the “Mari Motivation” series where I’ll talk about encouragement and hopefully provide you with inspiration to find the best version of yourself, this will be the health section because we like to focus on overall health here. Finally, you’ll have the “Business” segment (I’ve yet to come up with a catchy name for this, any suggestions???), this is where I’ll thrive and get technical. I’ll talk to you about how you can make money online, different ways you can invest and keep you updated with the books I read. We all know how much I read and how I LOVE it.

I feel like you may need some explanation on the changes of the website. Well recently, I had hired a web developer to help me make the website exactly how I wanted, give it a little more focus and actually look appealing. However, not only did I pay her upfront but she deleted all my previous blog posts and did not give me a solid website. So business tip 101, you can’t always be too trusting of somebody even if they are referred to you and seem friendly. The up-side, somebody else came along the way and took over in helping make this website beautiful for you all to view and I’m so thankful.

It seems like that’s how things usually work out, a door closes yet another one opens. I’m a big believer that everything happens for a reason and I’m a bigger believe that we have to learn from life moments and always do everything to progress, nothing in this life is handed to you.

Here is an objective for this page: I want us to get interactive, I’m going to encourage you to comment and request what you would like some blog topics to be on. I want to hear the suggestions of places to travels, things to try and of course tell me what you love to do.

We live in a world where technology is amazing, we are able to connect with people all over the world in seconds. I’m a fortunate millennial to have grown up with the growth of technology because there is such an importance to have balance without it as well. There is a world outside of social media especially when you are younger and I encourage you all to explore and to never eat a meal with somebody else while being on the phone unless you’re having a Skype date with a long distance best friend. 🙂

So with that, let’s give a cheers to the lost blog posts that were once Marilyn Rose and a cheers to the growth of where we go from here.

With Love Always,