Starting Fresh

A letter to You!

Here we go guys, this is us starting fresh. For me, I’m starting fresh with this website and my blog posts. You’re going to have a mixture of the “Living with Linda” series, where I talk about my mother and our relationship of best friends, business partners and of course being mother-daughter. You’ll also have the “Mari Motivation” series where I’ll talk about encouragement and hopefully provide you with inspiration to find the best version of yourself, this will be the health section because we like to focus on overall health here. Finally, you’ll have the “Business” segment (I’ve yet to come up with a catchy name for this, any suggestions???), this is where I’ll thrive and get technical. I’ll talk to you about how you can make money online, different ways you can invest and keep you updated with the books I read. We all know how much I read and how I LOVE it.

I feel like you may need some explanation on the changes of the website. Well recently, I had hired a web developer to help me make the website exactly how I wanted, give it a little more focus and actually look appealing. However, not only did I pay her upfront but she deleted all my previous blog posts and did not give me a solid website. So business tip 101, you can’t always be too trusting of somebody even if they are referred to you and seem friendly. The up-side, somebody else came along the way and took over in helping make this website beautiful for you all to view and I’m so thankful.


It seems like that’s how things usually work out, a door closes yet another one opens. I’m a big believer that everything happens for a reason and I’m a bigger believe that we have to learn from life moments and always do everything to progress, nothing in this life is handed to you.

Here is an objective for this page: I want us to get interactive, I’m going to encourage you to comment and request what you would like some blog topics to be on. I want to hear the suggestions of places to travels, things to try and of course tell me what you love to do.

We live in a world where technology is amazing, we are able to connect with people all over the world in seconds. I’m a fortunate millennial to have grown up with the growth of technology because there is such an importance to have balance without it as well. There is a world outside of social media especially when you are younger and I encourage you all to explore and to never eat a meal with somebody else while being on the phone unless you’re having a Skype date with a long distance best friend. 🙂


So with that, let’s give a cheers to the lost blog posts that were once Marilynn Rose and a cheers to the growth of where we go from here.


With Love Always,